Please Let Us Serve You!

Quality and variety are the cornerstones of our business and we are continually adding quality offerings to our menu of services to the delight of our customers. We want to be a one-stop shop at what we do so our customers can relax reassured that we will take care of all their needs end-to-end. Many of our services have evolved based on feedback from our customers and inspired imagination from our employees. If you do not find something you need, ask us, we may do it just for you!
Newberg Taekwondo


In today's world, it is more important than ever before to actively relieve stress, pursue health and wellness, and strengthen your mind and your character every day. That's why taekwondo is an ideal solution for men, women, and children of all ages. taekwondo regularly involves every part of the body for jumping, running, stretching, kicking, and punching, all working together to provide an excellent cardiovascular workout. Try a class today and feel the difference for yourself!

Newberg Self-Defense


Now more than ever, it is crucially important that people have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of self-defense. That's why Soaring Phoenix Family Martial Arts offers specialized classes to promote and encourage everyone to bring out and enhance their inner strength. We show you how to avoid dangerous situations, as well as teach you how to best protect yourself in case of an emergency.

Newberg Martial Arts Weapons

Martial Arts Weapons

At Soaring Phoenix Martial Arts, students have the opportunity to learn to use a variety of martial arts weapons. Currently weapons include: Bo Staff, Escrima Sticks, Boken, Nunchuks, Tonfa, Fans, and Cane.

Newberg Group Lessons

Group Lessons

Becoming a great martial artist becomes easy, when you enroll in one of our group classes. From your very first belts, to advanced competitions and black belt exams, our instructors will challenge and encourage you to improve your strength, stamina, and technique, all in the company of peers with similar goals as yours. Our desire is that every student we teach develops as big of a love for martial arts and staying fit as we are.

Newberg Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

If your child can't get enough of Soaring Phoenix Family Martial Arts, why not schedule his or her birthday party with us as well? We rent our facilities for get-togethers and celebrations for all of our students. We'll provide a table for refreshments, an hour of free time in our facilities to open presents and refreshments, and an hour long special martial arts class with the teacher of your child's choice.

Newberg Private Lessons

Private Lessons

If you feel that you would benefit the most from private martial arts instruction, then Soaring Phoenix Family Martial Arts is the place to be. We devote our attention and experience to our students, and work with them to find solutions to held them learn the most effective techniques we know, and offer them practical advice for how to improve and advance into our higher-tiered classes, to a black-belt level, or to a competitive level.

Newberg Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Spread the word: Soaring Phoenix Family Martial Arts has the best summer camp in Newberg! We fill each day with all kinds of fun activities, like martial arts, sports, singing, crafts, and so much more! Beyond all the play and games, we also strive for every camper to have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and a sense of community involvement. When school starts up in the fall, they will be prepared in the classroom and filled with so many amazing stories to tell their friends!